Attuned Announces Enterprise Readiness with Release of “Team of Teams” Multilevel Intrinsic Motivation and Employee Engagement Analyses

Attuned brings intrinsic motivation-fueled insights to enterprise as talent market continues to contract

(May 28, 2019 San Francisco, CA, USA and Tokyo, Japan)

Attuned’s 100% personalized employee engagement platform announces enterprise-level readiness with the introduction of multilayer team functionality in its latest release.

Attuned’s core intrinsic motivation measurement technology has been empowering individuals and smaller teams since its introduction in 2017. An initial 55-question motivator assessment takes the guesswork out of managing people by quantifying each person’s personal motivators. Attuned measures 11 motivators, assigning a percentile from 0 to 100 as compared against our norm, bringing to light exactly WHY a person works.

Until now, Attuned has been experiencing rapid growth, as evidenced by the popularity of a feature in Business Insider earlier this year. While smaller teams have embraced both the clarity and the transparency of the tool, Attuned is now ready to take on larger enterprises that have multiple layers of management with specific needs. With this multilayer team function, enterprises can drill down and zoom out of both their motivation and engagement data, going both macro and micro on team cultures, engagement performance at every step, setting loose nearly endless possibilities in intelligence and actionables.

“As a supervisor, knowing your team’s motivators gives you a shortcut to tailoring your management style to each individual–basically making you a better manager overnight. This is true for any manager in any size of company. We are thrilled to be able to offer these insights at every level, from new first time team leader who might be considering a team of only three people all the way up to the CEO of a large-scale operation,” says Head of Attuned, Mattias Hallberg. “This new ‘Team of Teams’ multilayer team function closes the loop on management responsibility and actionability in larger scale operations.”

“US unemployment is at a 50-year low, the global talent shortage has led to fierce competition amongst employers. Employee engagement and retention are more important than ever, and companies of all sizes are scrambling for assistance.” says Woody Deguchi, Head of Global Business Development at Attuned. “Studies show that 75% of people who leave their jobs are actually leaving their managers. Managers at every level can benefit from knowing what motivates each team member, using Attuned.”

The latest release from Attuned is due out in mid-June 2019, and will be on display at HR EXPO being held at Tokyo Big Sight between May 29th and 31st, 2019.


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