Attuned Report: HR Technology Market

Attuned Report: HR Technology Market

Transparency is one of our corporate values. We’d like to share with you some of our HR technology market research.

It was a bumpy, windy ride for us to find our way in the HR Technology world, shifting from originally being a recruitment agency. We had a lot of product failures, as well as product-market fit troubles, along the way.

Had we done a bit more in-depth market research at the beginning we may have saved ourselves some frustrations. We hope you can pick up something here, gain some insight, and may save yourself wasted effort if you’re building an HR Tech startup. Altruism is one of top motivators of our team here at Attuned.

Some things we thought were interesting about the HR technology market:

  • Japan will have a -5.9 million person gap in supply of talent for the demand to hire because of the creation of new job types, and the aging of the population
  • Aging population + skill shift is one of the biggest challenges for HR teams globally
  • HR SaaS funding has exceed $10.6 billion in the last 10 years. 25% annual growth rate in funding
  • Acquired companies are mostly valued between 2 – 8x sales
  • Increasing performance and profitability is the #1 business challenges for organizations. HR, needs to help address this, creating a lot of potential for new HR Tech companies to solve for those issues

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