Updating the Norm

Making Attuned even more insightful

Over the next several months, we will be updating the norm for Attuned’s algorithms.

These norms are the base datasets we’ve used to help score the motivational profiles as well as the base score by which we compare and track engagement levels.

This is a big project for our small team–involving a lot of data crunching and statistical analysis–but we are super excited for this update.

Since our launch, the number of people who have taken Attuned to understand their own (and their team’s) motivations has grown exponentially. We now have a much larger data set. Once our R&D team is done with the calibration we will have much more sophisticated, powerfully accurate insights.

Somewhat technical here

Each motivator assessment contains hundreds of data points used to both confirm validity and eliminate abnormal responses.

The original Attuned motivational and engagement norms were based upon hundreds of assessment takers, with a global, slightly Western-skewed population of respondents*.

Now we have thousands upon thousands of respondents to the assessment, hundreds of data points within each. We have statistically valid populations of respondents across multiple discrete geographies, and even specific industries. Which means we will be able to refine the algorithms significantly.

Back to less technical

In the future, we see Attuned being able to give you pinpointed benchmarks globally, filterable at both the geographic and industry levels.

Say, for example, you work in the retail industry in Nigeria and you want to compare your team’s motivational dynamics, and engagement scores, to other retail players in Nigeria. You will be able to do that. Then you’ll be able to zoom out, comparing your team’s engagement to a global retail group in your sector to check whether you are at a “top class” level of engagement. If you want to, you’ll be able zoom out even further, comparing your company not only to any variety of retail, but also against any number of industries, to see if your team’s motivations are being met at a “world class” level.

It might take us some time to achieve that goal, but updating the norm will bring us a big jump forward in sophistication.

Our inner numbers nerds are thrilled.

Casey Wahl, CEO at Wahl and Case and founder of Attuned, about updating the norm

* Our original assessments started off as 400+ question behemoths that took several hours to finish. Begging, cajoling, and in some cases, bribing our friends, relatives, acquaintances, loose acquaintances, and almost anyone we met who would listen to us and be willing to take that bad boy was one of the huge startup hurdles we had to overcome in the early days. It did, however, give us a data set big enough to bring Attuned down to the enchantingly manageable 55 question level that it is today–while maintaining high accuracy.